Making sense of my adventures with women, one disaster at a time.

Butt Karma

Dave gets a rimjob, side effect turns into nightmare.

Scandinavian Rampage

Dave goes to Denmark/Norway/Sweden, scores with multiple blonde women.

The Sex God

Dave’s sleazy tactic works, torturing ensues.

The Lost Night

Dave receives an offer he can’t refuse, gets careless.

The Curious Case of Holly

Dave hooks up with a hottie, something isn’t right.

Butt Barnacles

Dave runs into a blast from the past, wishes he hadn’t.

Recipe For a Conscience

Dave plucks a girl from a club, things start falling apart.

Havasu Bachelor Party

Dave brings girls back to his boat, doesn’t go smoothly.

Courtney the Crazed Athlete

Dave considers a relationship, everything implodes.

Blackjack Cougar

Cougar uses Dave for the night, leads to disenchantment.

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