Making sense of my adventures with women, one disaster at a time.
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Iceland – Part II

Dave goes to Iceland, Part II

Iceland – Part I

Dave goes to Iceland with a female friend, goes all out (Part I)

Dave’s Approach to Pick-up

Dave reveals his mysterious methodology to picking up women.

Right Place, Right Time

Dave receives a gift from the hook-up Gods.

The Salsa Debacle

Dave hangs out with South American cougar, household turns into salsa bar.

The Bimbo Night

Dave parties with token blonde bimbo, patience is tested.

The Sex God

Dave’s sleazy tactic works, torturing ensues.

The Salamander II

The things I say to chicks, Part II.

Another Disaster

Dave takes home drunk chick, she loses her mind.

Penthouse Letters

Dave takes home large cougar, becomes a task.

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