Making sense of my adventures with women, one disaster at a time.
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The Disturbing Yacht Story

Woman takes Dave to her yacht, fresh nightmares surface.

The Salsa Debacle

Dave hangs out with South American cougar, household turns into salsa bar.

Butt Karma

Dave gets a rimjob, side effect turns into nightmare.

The Sex God

Dave’s sleazy tactic works, torturing ensues.

Butt Barnacles

Dave runs into a blast from the past, wishes he hadn’t.

Havasu Bachelor Party

Dave brings girls back to his boat, doesn’t go smoothly.

Courtney the Crazed Athlete

Dave considers a relationship, everything implodes.

A Drunk Dial

Dave connects on his drunk dial, ends poorly.

Another Disaster

Dave takes home drunk chick, she loses her mind.

My Greatest Accomplishment

Dave can’t control himself, ends horrifically.

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