Making sense of my adventures with women, one disaster at a time.

Recipe For a Conscience

Dave plucks a girl from a club, things start falling apart.

Havasu Bachelor Party

Dave brings girls back to his boat, doesn’t go smoothly.

Courtney the Crazed Athlete

Dave considers a relationship, everything implodes.

Blackjack Cougar

Cougar uses Dave for the night, leads to disenchantment.

Birthday Buttfuck

Dave gets buyer’s remorse.

The Salamander II

The things I say to chicks, Part II.

Online Dating

Dave’s first online dating experience goes well, sort of.

A Drunk Dial

Dave connects on his drunk dial, ends poorly.

Another Disaster

Dave takes home drunk chick, she loses her mind.

Penthouse Letters

Dave takes home large cougar, becomes a task.

1 + 1 = 0

Dave gets greedy, frustration sets in.

My Greatest Accomplishment

Dave can’t control himself, ends horrifically.

Greek Islands

The infamous Greek Island stories.

Bottom Feeding

Dave strikes out at Fraternity party, lets beer goggles get best of him.

Stories From Work III

Dave’s work life, Part III

Character Reference Page

Brief bios of Dave’s friends from stories.

Honey Buns

Dave brings home wild cougar, his life is never the same.

The Virgin

Dave takes virgin to his fraternity dance, night takes strange turn.

Euro Trip

Chronicling two weeks in Europe with Dave and Punchline.



Broken Dreams

Dave parties with hot 18-year-olds, swings for the fences.

Stories From Work II

Dave’s work life, Part II

The Salamander (Pick-up Lines)

The things I say to chicks, Part I.

My First Ass Fuck

Dave joins the Ass Fuck club, wants out.

Sorry, Meyer

Dave steals Meyer’s girl, winds up in hick-ville.

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