Making sense of my adventures with women, one disaster at a time.

Iceland – Part I

Dave goes to Iceland with a female friend, goes all out (Part I)

Q & A: What Men Want

Dave answers relationship/sex questions from a female reader

The Disturbing Yacht Story

Woman takes Dave to her yacht, fresh nightmares surface.


Kindle version

Audio Book


Quick Book Update

Sexcessful Failures

Dave’s Guide to Texting

Texts, sexts, and everything in between..

Russia…and stuff

Dave visits five European countries in 14 days, hits the night scene hard.


Dave visits the Croatian islands, gets sleazy.

Dave’s Approach to Pick-up

Dave reveals his mysterious methodology to picking up women.

Right Place, Right Time

Dave receives a gift from the hook-up Gods.

Online Dating- Disaster Cases

Dave addresses his emails from clueless men.

The Salsa Debacle

Dave hangs out with South American cougar, household turns into salsa bar.

Dave’s Guide to Online Dating

Dave rants about the fickle intricacies of online dating.

The Christmas Present (WTF!)

Girl gives Dave a Christmas present, he worries for his safety.

The Girlfriend Weekend

Dave seeks cozy weekend with girlie, unfortunately gets his wish.

The Great Masturbation Debate

Dave lays it all out there.

The Bimbo Night

Dave parties with token blonde bimbo, patience is tested.

My First Fan Hook-up

Dave hooks up with reader, she is not impressed.

Butt Karma

Dave gets a rimjob, side effect turns into nightmare.

Scandinavian Rampage

Dave goes to Denmark/Norway/Sweden, scores with multiple blonde women.

The Sex God

Dave’s sleazy tactic works, torturing ensues.

The Lost Night

Dave receives an offer he can’t refuse, gets careless.

The Curious Case of Holly

Dave hooks up with a hottie, something isn’t right.

Butt Barnacles

Dave runs into a blast from the past, wishes he hadn’t.

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