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Quick Book Update

As many of you know, I published my book a couple weeks ago. In the coming weeks, it will be available on Kindle, and I will also be releasing an audio book read by the one and only Dave Axe.

In the meantime, the retail price days have come and gone, and the book is now $9.95. Loaded with all new content, you’d be unquestionably insane to not own a copy. On a serious note, I’m not looking to make any money off all this (A teacher salary suits me just fine). Just looking to spread some entertainment and get my words circulating through the occasional bookshelf for centuries to come. Go to amazon stat and check it out here.

I want to thank you all–particularly my original MySpace and Facebook fans–for your support over the years. You help put me on the map and kept the journey alive.


4 Responses to “Quick Book Update”

  1. Innateliar1 says:

    When would it be available on Kindle?

  2. Sassyinmanhattan says:

    it has lots more content than the blog? or just the blog in a book…?

    • Daveglenn says:

      Some of the blog is in the book, and some new chapters as well, hence the “never-before-seen content” thing :)

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